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The word "Visage" comes from the French and means "face" and visagist or makeup artist is a job title for an expert who is styling and making-up other people.

Make-up artists paint faces and bodies with style and harmony. To style a face stylish, a makeup artist must have a particular talent, like an artist. Such an extraordinary talent is this Peruvian, the master of make-up, Jessica Pajuelo Ossio. She knows exactly that your face is your first business card, that the first impression counts and is inerasable. Therefore you should present yourselves sympathetic and authentic.

Just this makes Jessica Pajuelo Ossio for you. As a matter of course it is absolutely important, that you feel comfortable with your new makeup, that any skin blemishes are hidden and, above all, that the beauty of your face is emphasized.

Irregularities and skin blemishes are covered by makeup artist Jessica Pajuelo Ossio with modern camouflage techniques. Also special effects are made on request.

In addition to the pure makeup, a tailored consultancy for skin care is included into the service. In this case makeup artist Jessica Pajuelo Ossio is the absolutely best to advise you.

“El arte más poderoso de la vida, es hacer del dolor un talismán que cura. ¡Una mariposa renace florecida en fiesta de colores!”

― Frida Kahlo

"The strongest art of life is to make a healing talisman out of the pain. A butterfly revives at the festival of colours! "

― Frida Kahlo