About Jessica

Jessica Pajuelo Ossio learnt visagist at the austrian makeupmschool Gianni Colores and at Trukho Center for professional makeup in Spain.
She used her know how as visagist for film, theatre, television, fashion, advertising, stage from beauty makeup up to masks work.

In her home country Peru she worked as a self-employed makeup artist for well-known companies as L'Oreal, Elisabeth Arden and Revlon. The gifted artist develops her unique masterpieces with passion, inspiration and high commitment.

She established her own company in Vienna and is already well-known as a successful visagist.


Jessica Pajuelo Ossio

"Everything's gonna changing"

...is the slogan of the purposeful makeup artist Jessica Pajuelo Ossio. Let her convince you how and what could be different.

Your appearance - your charisma - your image - your opportunities