Das Atelier Jessie Make-Up Artist Wien 1030 / Jessica Pajuelo Visagistin
Atelier Jessie Make-Up

The Studio "Jessie Make up" - in a modern building in the 3rd district of Vienna - is tastefully designed with a feel good ambience. In addition, the studio is equipped with all devices and necessary products to offer you a professional make-up according to all of your wishes.

"Jessie Make up" is characterized by its innovative products and a wide range of colours and branded cosmetic products. By this the make-up artist gained a successful position in Vienna in the field of artistic make-up and colour consulting for an individual offer.

All types of make-up are produced in the studio. You just need to make an appointment. The artist takes all the time needed, for each customer.

In calm and in a professional environment she offers you an individual consultation. There is a huge number of different alternatives to achieve your makeup wishes and all will be discussed.  The result is remarkable!

You will find in the studio also a small bar to be pampered. "The feeling of being home" is the motto of the artist, hospitality and friendliness are qualities that characterize the atmosphere of the studio, alongside with an offer of a three languages consultancy ​​(English, Spanish and German).

In case you are unable to visit the studio, the artist offers also in-house services. Please make an appointment in advance.